Character & Ethics, Projects & Programs

The Community Awards program (Co-Leaders Dr. Kelly King and Melina Sardar)

Recognizes individuals, businesses and organizations exemplifying one or more of the guiding principles of character and ethics. Honorees will be presented with certificates of appreciation acknowledging their commitment to extraordinary character and ethical behavior. Our Board members are encouraged to nominate people for the community awards.


Alternative to Suspension (ATS) (Lead: Saro Ayvazian)

Once a month, students from Glendale Schools come to Glendale Police Department Community room on a Saturday morning as a result of receiving a suspension from school. In lieu of the suspension, they come and listen to our C&E board members present key points about character traits and how they affect life and decision making. The program has had great success and is a very appropriate alternate to suspension.


Athletes with Character and Ethics (ACE AWARDS) (Lead Nina Crowe)

Awards is where we acknowledge and celebrate coaches and athletes from Glendale unified school district and Glendale Community College.


Youth Leadership Conference (Co- Leaders Lusine Yarian and Leo Zalyan)

This signature annual event of the Character and Ethics Project is a unique mentoring program which matches business and community leaders with high school students. The annual conference provides an opportunity for one-on-one discussion with adults, on values and ethics, leadership and ethical dilemmas – at school, at work and business. Students enjoy breakfast and a keynote speaker together. Students then break into groups and work as a group as well with individual mentors. They will gather back for lunch and a wrap up session

“Talent is a gift, but character is a choice.”

John Maxwell